Meet Miss Teen Infinity® 2020-21!

Miss Teen Infinity® International


Hello ! My name is Audrianna Shue! I am your 2020/21 Miss Teen Infinity International;  previously your Miss Teen Infinity Virginia and Miss Teen Infinity Giles County!

I’m 16 years old and a sophomore in high school ! One of my favorite sports is cheerleading ! I absolutely love to be on the sidelines cheering on my team and showing school spirit! I also recently joined the fire department as a junior fire fighter! Something you may not know about me is I know how to play percussion !

When I graduate I want to pursue a career in sports therapy !  My platform is called “Stop the bully”.  I myself have been a victim of bullying and know how it feels . I started this platform to shed light on bullying, and to wrap my arms around todays youth and mentor them and let them know that they are not alone and to always be kind to one another !

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Copyright Miss Infinity® International 2019 – All rights reserved; Recruiting done by Faces of Global Change® photo contests. Each are Officially produced by the Shana E. International Scholarship Program & Productions, Inc. (82-5362846)

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